Damiana is a land tender, medicine grower, folk herbalist and storyteller. Born and raised in a large family in Mexico City, she inherited the traditions of both her mother’s and father’s lineage.

As a teenager, she began partnering with Indigenous communities, learning to connect to a reality where people live in harmony with nature and nourish one another in their every day life. After years of working as a green garden teacher, she moved to California to immerse herself in formal permaculture studies and herb school.

Currently, Damiana devotes herself to tending the land on a small educational farm and community garden in Southern California. She spends her days developing relationships with the medicines she works with as a community folk herbalist.

Her herbal practice blends her Mexican roots and the lessons she learns from her everyday work with our Mother Nature. Damiana is currently immersed as a student of Curanderismo, breathwork, dreamwork and ancestral healing.

Food As Immunity Medicine: Booklet
Food As Immunity Medicine: Booklet
This booklet is a collaborative compilation of more than 50 recipes from around the world which boost our immunity through the kitchen! Includes Breakfast, Savory Dishes, Desserts, Soups, and Beverages. Many stories from old and new friends made this project a reality.
Beautiful cover by @chiefladybird, design by @spellboundherbals and gorgeous recipe illustrations by @coastal.flower and @irie_iye
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