A Simple Guide to Folk Herbalism, 2nd Edition Booklet

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NEW! 2ND EDITION includes over 50 pages, over 20 recipes, and beautiful original herbal illustrations by Kat Labate Wright.

This labor of love is a rather humble work that just begins to unveil the ancient, fascinating, and multi-faceted world of plant medicine. Within the pages of this 56-page booklet, you’ll find an introduction to simple herbal medicine making techniques, recipes + ideas to make your own remedies, and tips for harvesting, storing, and drying herbs.

Learn the beautifully simple ways to make:

Herbal Teas, Infusions, Decoctions, Baths, and Steams

Herb-Infused Oils + Salves

Herb-Infused Vinegars

Herb-Infused Wines/Cordials

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This booklet is printed on 100% Recycled Office Paper made in the USA by EcoEnclose.

Made completely with recycled fiber, using 100% wind power through the purchase of wind power credits and manufactured carbon neutral to add to its eco commitment. Constructed entirely from recovered trash, made in the USA.

3 reviews for A Simple Guide to Folk Herbalism, 2nd Edition Booklet

  1. Jessica

    This is one of my favorite herbal booklets. It’s small, but mighty and includes a lot of great tips and recipes. It’s well worth $15 and the illustrations by Kat are beautiful. It’s both concise and in depth, highly recommend getting this gem! 🙂 I really enjoy an evening with some roots chai!

  2. Amy G.

    I first purchased this book some years back and it has come to be a much loved, much earmarked friend in my home. And while the book itself is called a “simple” guide to folk herbalism, I can tell you that it is full to the brim of knowledge for the novice and for those familiar with the plant path already. I love the beautiful eco-friendly paper that the book is printed on, and the intricate illustrations which accompany almost every page and chapter. This book made herbal medicine feel not only approachable for me, but also exciting! I live in the city but was able to find many herbs right outside my kitchen window in several small planters I’d begun years ago. It was a delight to learn the best ways to dry and store herbs I was already growing, how to make oils and salves, and mainly how to take care of myself and my loved ones with the ‘simple’ power of plants. The book is laid out in a manner that is instantly accessible for everyone. Each page is a treasure trove of knowledge which Vicky has graciously compiled into a portable, comprehensible companion to your herbal adventures. There is a detailed chart inside which defines the actions of various herbs and gives you examples of which herbs can be used to aid with varying ailments such as nausea, cramps, inflammation, or even a lack of sleep. I find myself returning to this book again and again. Every time I do I feel like I learn something new, gain more confidence in my relationship with plants, and feel empowered to grow more herbs so I can continue on the journey which this book helped to inspire. Thank you, Vicky, for your knowledge, joy, and deep love of plants which you have shared so beautifully in this book.

  3. Terry Lambert (verified owner)

    This little herbal booklet is a gem. Filled with so much information and knowledge. I’m on my second read, and making my to-do list. Thank you so much! 💜

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