Isimot Williams

I am an Herbalist, Practitioner of sacred ceremony, and a Woman of the Earth. Always having a strong connection with my spirituality and individuality have allowed me to connect with herbal medicine and sacred ceremony on this wonderful life journey.

The intention of my work and way of life is to help others as well as myself grow and maintain optimal wellness by nourishing the mind, body and spirit through herbal medicine, sacred ceremony and meditation. I strongly believe that through this work we become conscious to the beautiful connections we have with our ancestors and it is in that conscious state that we become our greatest selves and the earth is nourished.  My favorite ways to utilize and connect with the herbs are in medicine making, ceremony, and agriculture.I enjoy working with many herbs but every herbalist has their favorite herbs and mine are Rosemary, Plantain and Garlic!

Being the daughter of a Nigerian father and a Blackfoot Indian mother has inspired me from a young age to always carry great reverence for the creator, the earth and my lineage. Working with the herbs and respectively practicing sacred ceremony allows me to carry out this reverence, continuously learn and teach others.