PRIMAVERA con Damiana y Ana Victoria


Details soon…

“The Otono Herbal Immersion was one of the best herbalism classes I’ve ever attended. Damiana and Ana Victoria have a deep respect for the plants, the land, and their ancestors, and it was a pleasure to learn from them. The class was a perfect balance between lecturing and hands on experience. We made medicine as a group and got to take home herbal remedies. Months later I am taking my remedies at home and remembering the magic I experienced at the Otono Immersion. Thank you Damiana and Ana Victoria for your putting together such an inspirational and healing experience. I am grateful!”


PRIMAVERA in collaboration with Damiana of La Luneria | Wild Willow Farm | April 2018 | Photos by Taylor
VERANO in collaboration with Damian of La Luneria | Wild Willow Farm | June 2018 | Photos by Taylor
OTOÑO in collaboration with Damian of La Luneria | Wild Willow Farm | October 2018 | Photos by Taylor & Blake
HERBAL MEDICINE FROM THE GROUND UP in collaboration with Donna d’Terra of Motherland Herb School and Botanical Sanctuary | APRIL – AUGUST 2018