Aria Mikkola-Sears

I’m a maker of many things, including herbal remedies, which I’ve been studying for about a decade now. I’m interested in how multi-dimensional humans are, which means that medicine and healing look different for every single one of us. My hope is to help folks feel safe and well in their earthly bodies, whatever form that help takes.

I am a particular fan of the small, the absurd, the beautiful and the tender aspects of this world.

I was raised by parents who used herbal medicine and taught me to love plants at an early age. Later in life, educator and herbalist Judy BlueHorse Skelton set me on my own path and showed me how to have an active, reciprocal relationship with land. I am forever grateful to her, in part for helping me realize that our relationship to plants is a lifeline and a birthright.

I studied bioregional herbalism at the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and have since worked for some beautiful herbalists, gardeners, and apothecaries. Most recently, I was living, learning and caretaking at the Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School.