Ana Victoria Salcido-Cobbe

For nearly a decade, I’ve watched soil transform, delighted in the shifting seasons, and reveled in the fruits of the garden. But a decade is a blink of an eye in Deep Time, so I try my best to learn all I can in my short human life. My prayer is that I am a good ancestor.

I currently live in the wooded hills of Northern California on Pomo Territory with my husband Russ and our cat Puddin’. I make herbal remedios, write libritos, and work in the garden. Sometimes I offer workshops.

For nearly four years, I’ve lived under the guidance and tutelage of my mentor and friend, Donna d’Terra on Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School. I am trained in Western European Herbalism, and am slowly diving into learning the remedios that my abuelos used en el rancho.

I am the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants with a (known) lineage that stretches to German, Norwegian, Iberian, and Yaqui ancestry. There is much more to learn about the paths my ancestors walked before me. I hope that if our paths collide, we can come together, united by the plants, y la tierra.