Ana Victoria Salcido-Cobbe


For nearly a decade, I have nourished plants from seed, watched soil transform, delighted in the shifting seasons, and reveled in the fruits of the bountiful garden. But a decade is a blink of an eye in Deep Time – and I will only glean whatever wisdom I am blessed to receive in my short human life. My prayer is that I am a good ancestor, that I am able to bring the reminder of this love back to even just a few humans.

I currently live in the wooded hills of Northern California on Pomo Territory with my husband Russ and our cat Puddin’. I make herbal remedios from plants usually grown by me from seed, or otherwise purchased by our local farmer friends at fair wages. I offered remedios under the name “Grandmother’s Medicine” for about five years before this rebirth.

I offer workshops on herbalism and gardening. For nearly four years, I have lived under the guidance and tutelage of my mentor and friend, Donna d’Terra on Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School. I am trained as in Western European Herbalism, and am slowly diving into learning the remedios that my abuelos used en el rancho.

I am the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants who uses she/her pronouns. I acknowledge my privilege of tending land and being in the natural world.  I hope that if our paths collide, we can come together, united by the plants, y la tierra.

Be in touch if you would like to collaborate on Workshops, Blogs, Teachings, or anything else. I prioritize POC/LGBTQIA+ folx for collaborations.


Elena Vanasse Torres


Through working with clay, I hope to build a relationship with place and earth itself, as well as the elements that are required– fire, wood, minerals, water, stone– to shape and make durable. I treat both my sculptural and functional work as an invitation for ritual in my everyday life.

My aims in this medium are to further a rich cultural history of working with clay, with reverence for the raw materials. This motive has brought me to harvesting clay in my home of Puerto Rico and new home of Mendocino County, CA. 

Recently, I have focused on creating vessels for tea consumption. I find great enjoyment in tea preparation and drinking. I hope that the vessels I make can become a means for everyday ritual for others. Although I am neither of Japanese descent nor practiced in the traditional art and spiritual rites of the Japanese tea ceremony, chanoyu, I find inspiration and solace in learning about this ancient tradition, and hope to promote a space and culture around tea and ceramics upon returning to the Caribbean.